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Vurifirindo is a trusted and secure medical and laboratory shop. We are committed to providing and selling all kinds of popular medical and laboratory equipments with some categories like Anesthesia Workstations, Blood Analyzers, Bone Densitometers, Compound Microscopes, Cosmetic Laser, Ophthalmology Equipment, Dental Equipment, Electrocardiograph (ECG), Patient Monitors, Ultrasound System.

We are very commited to providing our customer with the best service and the best quality, With never received the goods with a value of sub-standart, and never send sub-standart products but only provide the products number one and the best.

Vurifirindo is an Authorized Dealer of the sales and service of new, used and refurbished medical and laboratory equipments and have international warranty. All items are from original retail packaging with the vast majority of items being shipped direct from the manufacturer or product distributor's warehouse to your door (no 'seconds', 'scratch & dent' or refurbished items unless clearly stated in the product listing).

With over 8 years of combined experience, our goal is to provide top-quality products at competitive prices with the best on-going support and service. With thousands of customers from coast to coast, we have built our business on a foundation of customer satisfaction and business integrity. We value our customer relationships and look forward to building a relationship with you.  Whether you are interested in purchasing new or used medical equipment or you are in need ot service and preventive maintenance for your existing equipment, we are confident that we can provide the required support.  Our goal is to be your one-stop source for all of your medical equipment needs.

Our customers include universities, hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, oral surgeons, plastic surgeons, cardiologists, internists, family practice physicians, pulmonologists, pediatrician, respiratory specialists, gynecologists, obstetricians, neurologists, physical therapists, veterinarians, and many other types of doctors and research centers.

Please kindly contact us to order your products via this form. If you have any suggestions and problems with our products or services, you must immediately notify us at contact us page


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