GE Lunar DPX Bravo Bone Densitometer

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Brand: GE Lunar
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GE Lunar DPX Bravo Bone Densitometer

GE Lunar DPX Bravo Bone Densitometer Details

Lunar DPX Bravo® offers multiple clinical applications for seamless osteoporosis assessment in a streamlined operator-friendly package, while ensuring clinical confidence and fast throughput.

  • DICOM and HL7 connectivity seamlessly integrate densitometry results with Picture Archival and Communication Systems (PACS) and Radiology/Hospital Information Systems (RIS/HIS), respectively.
  • The worklist feature in both DICOM and HL7 enables automatic use of patient information from scheduling applications, helping to reduce data entry errors.
  • Multi-User Database access (MUDB) improves flexibility and productivity by offering the possibility to access and/or reanalyze scans remotely and to share with clinical partners.
  • TeleDensitometry provides the ability to send paperless reports as faxes or easy e-mail attachments, viewable on any personal computer without special software.

 Standard Configuration with all services included:

  • Freight included!
  • Installation included!
  • Training included!
  • One year warranty included!
  • Latest software!

Remanufacturing Process 

The equipment is completely remanufactured this includes the following:

  • Detailed cleaning inside and out (system & cart).
  • Replace any worn or malfunctioning components.
  • Calumniator tracks are inspected cleaned or replaced.
  • All electrical components are checked for ohm resistance repaired or replaced.
  • Reload x-ray source: For long life and durability.
  • Replace computer: Upgrade software to latest version of manufacturer for that model number replace hard drive, memory, CPU, mother board, power supply are replaced.
  • Painting: Any panel that is dented or scraped is repaired and repainted.
  • Replacing lettering: Replaced with new.
  • Replace table pad.
  • New printer.
  • New 17" flat screen monitor.
  • Test all components.
  • Run multiple: 48 hrs. of QA’s prior to shipping.
  • Final cleaning.
  • Completely bubble wrap entire system to prevent damage.
  • Delivery, Installation, Training Procedure



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