KDF Neo Super Cascom Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine

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KDF Neo Super Cascom Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine

Clean, easy to use, reliable casting machine, updated with the Newest Technology!
The Neo Super Cascom uses a lab environment friendly, long life, newly developed Ceramic heater which will not overheat the alloy.
The Neo Super Cascom is a high powered casting machine with a maximum melting temperature of 1500°C and maximum alloy melting quantity of 150 gm.
The Neo Super Cascom is a state-of-the-art, high quality, casting machine which uses a highly precise and accurate Vacuum Pressure Casting system with multidirectional pressure application.
The Neo Super Cascom can cast a broad spectrum of alloys from Silver to Chrome Cobalt in a variety of inlays, crowns, implant frameworks, and metal plates with extremely accurate casting results.

- Melting with specialized ceramic heater
- Multi directional casting pressure application
- Inverting chamber casting method
- Large casting capacity and cast wide range of alloys
- Argon gas casting system
- Compact size and easy set up
- Economical advantage
- Easy and stabilized casting
- Safe and clean environment
- Power Requirement: Single Phase AC120V, 50/60Hz Max 1.5kVa
- Vac. Pump Outlet: Single Phase 120V, 0.3kVA
- Pressurized Air: 0.5Mpa - 1.0Mpa (73psi - 146psi)
- Argon Gas Pressure: 0.7Mpa - 0.8Mpa (102psi-117psi)
- Max. Temperature: 1500ºC (2732F)
- Domension: 504(W) x 530(H) x 504(D)mm, 49kg (20(W)x21(H)x20(D) inches and weighs 109lbs)
- 2 years prorated warranty

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