Genoray Port X-II Zen PX2 Portable Dental X-Ray

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Brand: Genoray
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Short Description

New Genoray Port X-II ZEN-PX2 Portable Dental X-Ray Price : $3395

Genoray Port X-II Zen-x2 Portable Dental X-Ray

Product Description :

Condition: New
Model: ZEN-PX2
Warranty: One Year
Manufactured by: Genoray America Inc.

  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Elegant Design
  • Ideal Output for Film & Digital Sensor: 60kV, 2mA
  • Easy to Use Push Button & Optimized Pre-Settings
  • Camera Type (Wireless)
  • Rechargeable Battery with Large Capacity of over 200 Exams on Single Charge
  • Large Graphic LCD Display lets you Monitor the Process and Setting

It generates X-Ray from high voltage electricity into the X-Ray tube, which penetrates teeth and jaw, and makes X-Ray images on receptor.

Large graphic LCD shows the shooting conditions in detail.

  • Light weight enables the ultimate mobility.
  • Small dose of radiation keeps patients and dentists safer.
  • High performance tube and HFG make sharp and clear images.
  • Use with digital sensor as well as chemical.

Your New System Camera Includes:

  • 1 PX 2 Portable Camera w/Grip Tie
  • 1 Six Foot Spiral Corded Shot Switch
  • 1 Long Cone
  • 1 Rechargable Batttery
  • 1 User Manual & Final Test/Accuracy Report
  • 1 Tripod w/CarryCase(Dolica ST-400 - 63" Stabalizing Rubber Feet,Counter Weight Hook, Tripod Handle, 360 Degree Panning-90 Degree Tilt, 90 Degree Verticle Angle)


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