Used Sirona Schick 33 digital X- Ray Sensor

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Used Sirona Schick 33 digital X- Ray Sensor

Schick 33 digital x ray sensor size 2 is a new intraoral digital sensor and image management system. Schick 33 digital x ray is an advanced sensor that delivers a combination of high-resolution images and dynamic image management while easily integrating with the Schick Elite platform.

Schick 33 digital x ray image enhancement system allows practitioners to create personal settings that can be saved to ensure convenient diagnostic capabilities for all clinicians and practices, regardless of size or specialty. The preferences enable users to enhance and customize digital images, as well as easily review, store and share images from a variety of clinical perspectives.

Schick 33 digital x ray Available in sizes 0, 1, and 2, the Schick 33 sensor seamlessly integrates with existing Schick Elite systems by utilizing unique replaceable cable technology and convenient remote module design. Compatible with DICOM 5, Patterson Imaging and Eaglesoft software

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