Weizhen Pure Titanium Casting Machine WZ-3000

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Brand: Weizhen WZ-3000
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Weizhen Pure Titanium Casting Machine WZ-3000

Pure titanium casting machine is also a best-selling product made by our company. Its good quality and high casting success average have won a good reputation for us among our clients.Features:
1. Machine design two sets of operating system: One for touch screen operation, another set for the machine to prevent damage when the touch screen operation.
2. Sophisticated computer control, 100% whole cast, cast Road, a small, three 3. 5mm cast, and can cast all. Great support, on the palate plate 7-7. Provincial labor and materials, and high efficiency.
3. RAM and durable titanium casting machine split with the oil pump, reducing the vacuum casting machine on the internal electrical parts of the oil pollution. Equipped with a RAM casting principle, so that less moving parts casting machine (the vulnerability of small) to avoid the mechanical maintenance frequency.
4. Small, titanium casting machine and the power supply with the overall design, compact size saves space. Do not take up too much space volume. Underscores the inherent technical content.
5. Fully automatic operation and labor costs.

6. To cast titanium content of more than 86% of the titanium alloy.
7. Touch-sensitive screen button on-screen display, convenient and intuitive operation.
8. With automatic detection of problems in real-time running tips.
9. Triple safety pressure protection, dual power radiation protection.
10. The use of international pop metal crucible design, casting process, so that titanium in the carbon (C) component can be precipitated and effective purification of the purity of titanium to reduce the impurity.

11. This machine has a password feature to prevent misuse of non-staff.
12. Open casting room to expand the vision to facilitate the technician's accurate operation.
13. Casting the whole process does not produce instability of the vibration and noise, you can save time by continuous casting.
14. Material the use of casting chambers used aviation materials, equipment, appearance of high quality anti-corrosion materials, external cables use high quality materials, to improve the practicality and durability.
15. Easy to install, use civil AC220V soil 15% 50/60 (Hz) household electricity, do not need to add special AC380V industrial electricity, suitable for medium and small processing plants and the use of individual technicians, wide adaptation.

16. Energy saving, low power. The cast will not be under a lot of electricity, while reducing dropout voltage lines, affecting the processing of the neighborhood around the outside of the Department of the normal use of electrical appliances.
17. A large number of imported devices configured to use, so that the casting of pure titanium casting machine full rate comparable with the imported equipment to facilitate the upgrading process so that the performance of titanium casting machine closer to international and humane standards.
18. The equipment can also be normal operated when the voltage is unstable.
19. The ordinary cobalt-chromium embedding material can embeds pure tatanium frame.
20. The equipment completes the installment, the debugging and the training entire process only needs for 18-24 hours.

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