New Fuji DryPix 4000 Laser Imager

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New FujiFilm DryPix 4000 Laser Imager

New Fuji DryPix 4000 Laser Imager From

The latest addition to the DRYPIX family, new DRYPIX 4000 is the ideal imager for medium-size hospitals, combining proven reliability and convenience with remarkable operating efficiency, all in a compact body. Features including unrivalled image quality, networkability, backup security, and low cost of ownership make the DRYPIX 4000 a welcome addition to any hospital department.

DRYPIX’s ECO-DRY System is environmentally friendly, from films to processing. DRYPIX medical films employ unique aqueous solvents that are free from unpleasant odors and create neutral colored images so crisp, they’re indistinguishable from those printed on wet halide film. Additional ECO-DRY advantages include our development
of new liquid-coating technology, which obviates the need for harmful organic
solvents in the thermal development of light-sensitive materials.

Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities
Fujifilm’s advanced photo-thermographic technology with barcode reader-activated Automatic Film Density Calibration and DI-HL film combine to produce clear, stable images with low minimum density, wide density range and neutral image tone that are indistinguishable from those produced by conventional wet processing films.

High Resolution & High Maximum Density
Offering 50-micron high-resolution capability and 3.6 maximum density, DRYPIX 4000 is ideal for Women’s Health Centers and dedicated Full Field Digital Mammography departments.

High throughput
DRYPIX 4000’s dry laser imaging system enables a high throughput of 110 to 160 films per hour (depending on film size) with premium image quality.

Optional 4-bin film sorter
The top-mounted 4-bin film sorter increases workflow in small centralized departments without enlarging DRYPIX 4000’s compact footprint

 Basic Specifications

Recording method: Laser exposure thermal development system
Applicable film: Fuji Medical Dry Imaging Film DI-HL (blue base) / DI-HLc (clear base)
35x43cm (14"x17"), 25.7x36.4cm, 25.4x30.5cm (10"x12"), 20.3x25.4cm (8"x10")
Film loading: Daylight film loading
Film trays: Up to 2 trays
Processing capacity: Approx. 110 films/hour (14"x17"), approx. 160 films/hour (25.7x36.4cm, 10"x12", 8"x10")
Time required for first output: Approx. 85 seconds (14"x17" film size for test printing)
Grayscale resolution: 14 bits
Pixel size: 100/50 microns is selectable for all sizes. **
Input channels: One DICOM network channel
Image memory: Standard 256MB (maximum 512MB)
Density adjustment: Automatic density correction
Optional sorter bins: 4 bins (including standard film tray)

 Physical Characteristics

 External dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 600 x 585 x 1040mm (1 tray type without sorter) / 600 x 585 x 1340mm (1 tray type with sorter option)
 Weight (with one tray) : 130kg (287lbs) without sorter
 Power supply: AC100-120V±10%, Single phase, 50-60Hz, 12A
AC200-240V±10%, Single phase, 50-60Hz, 6A

Operating Environment

Temperature: 15-30°C
Humidity: 40-70% RH (at 15°C) to 15-70% RH (at 30°C) (no dew condensation)
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