Meiji MT6000H Fluorescence Microscope Series

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Brand: Meiji
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The Meiji MT6000 is a true professional grade microscope with fluorescence capabilities. The ergonomically positioned controls provide the user with stress free operation and maximum productivity. Meiji's Infinity Corrected Optical System provide superior fluorescent images. Comes standard with blue and green fluorescence filter cubes.


  • Computer Aided Design Frame and Optics
  • Ergonomically positioned controls
  • Comfortable Siedentopf Viewing Heads
  • Six Position Fluorescence Module with three filter positions included
  • Newly Designed Semi Apo Plan Fluor Objectives
  • 30W Halogen Transmitted Koehler + 100W Mercury Epi Module


  • Viewing Heads
  • Eyepieces
  • Objectives
  • Condensers
Viewing Head: Binocular, Ergo Binocular (adjust from 10-50 degrees) OR Trinocular (100 or 80/20 split) seidentopf 30 degree inclined
Eyepieces: SWH10X Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece, Field No. 22, tube O.D. 30.0 mm

Modular six position Epi-Fluorescent Illuminator attachment with six positions for filter cubes.  Three cubes included:

  • CHROMA filter-AT-GFP/FITC Longpass-19002 mounted in Meiji filter cube:  Exciter (EX):AT480/30x, Dichroic (BS):AT505DC, Emitter (EM):AT515lp
  • CHROMA filter-AT-TRITC/Cy3 Longpass-19004 mounted Meiji filter cube: Exciter (EX):AT540/25x, Dichroic (BS):AT565DC, Emitter (EM):575lp
  • CHROMA filter-AT-DAPI/Hoechst/AlexaFlour 350-3900 mounted in Meiji filter cube: Exciter (EX):AT375/28x, Dichroic (BS):AT415DC, Emitter (EM):AT460/50m

100 Watt Mercury Lamp for fluorscence illumination

Objectives: Plan Semi Apo 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x Oil
Stage: Ceramic Coated Stage with slide holder
Condenser: Abbe condenser, NA 1.25 with iris diaphragm and dove-tail mount
Focus Adjustment:  Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls
Illumination: 6 volt 30 watt brightfield illumination
Mics: 5 year electrical & mechanical warranty. Dust Cover, blue, green, and clear filters, power cord.

Note: The Basic Blue and Basic Green filter sets are designed primarily for viewing the fluoresence of a single fluorochrome. Both filters sets contain long pass emission filters which cannot exclude the fluorescence of a second fluorochrome which also may be excited. The basic green filter set is recommended for use with mercury lamps only

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