Carestream DryView DVC Film Clear Based (8x10)

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Carestream DryView DVC Film Clear Based (8x10in)


Carestream DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Film 3.0

Carestream DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Film 3.0 is formulated specifically for Carestream DRYVIEW laser imagers and renders even higher quality images than current DRYVIEW laser imaging film. Producing superb images with lower noise, better density uniformity, and greater visibility of subtle detail to enhance your diagnostic confidence, DICOM compliant DRYVIEW Film can be used with all DRYVIEW Imagers, has a long shelf life, quick roomlight loading, and a large selection of film sizes.

Maximum film density
3.3 when used with DRYVIEW 8900*
*Higher maximum density with the optional digital mammography printing upgrade, for the DRYVIEW 8900 laser imager

System-Matched to Boost Productivity
System-matched with DRYVIEW Laser Imagers to enable Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC)

AIQC calibrates DRYVIEW Systems to optimize quality – quality control is performed with no operator intervention, enhancing productivity

Storage and Handling of Film
Carestream DRYVIEW Film must be stored in a cool, dry place (41°F/5°C to 77°F/25°C) and protected from radiation and chemistry fumes.

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