Carestream DryView DVM Mammography Film 8x10in 125 sheets

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Carestream DryView DVM Mammography Film 8x10in 125 sheets (for 6800 and 8900 laser imagers)


Carestream DRYVIEW Mammography Laser Imaging Film (DVM) is a high resolution, photothermographic, black-and-white film suitable for continuous-tone medical imaging. This film provides excellent diagnostic visualization of the fine detail, sharp image rendition, and a cool image tone. Carestream DRYVIEW DVM Laser Imaging Film is an infrared film that is used in Carestream DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Systems.

Carestream DRYVIEW DVM Laser Imaging Film is designed to record a full range of images from FFDM (Full Field Digital Mammography), CR-Mammography, computed tomography, digital subtraction angiography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, computed radiography, digital radiography, and digitized film images.

Carestream DRYVIEW DVM Laser Imaging Film is coated on a blue, 7-mil polyester base support.

DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Systems are designed for a daylight use. Should it be necessary to open a box or cartridge of Carestream DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Film outside of the Laser Imager, use a Carestream 7B Safelight Filter/ green with a frosted 7-1/2 watt bulb, located at least 1.2m (4 feet) from the film.

Handling: Hands must be clean, dry and free of lotions, etc. Film should be handled carefully by the edges to avoid physical strains such as pressure, creasing, or buckling.

Storage: Store unexposed film at 50 to 70 degrees F (10 to 20 degrees C), at 30 to 50 percent RH, and shielded from x-rays, gamma rays, or other penetrating radiation. Keep exposed film in a cool, dry place that is properly shielded from penetrating radiation. Process as soon as possible after exposure. Processed film should be stored at 60 to 80 degrees F (16 to 27 degrees C), at 30 to 50 percent RH.

Relative Speed (Midscale):Measured at a density of 1.00 above gross fog.
Relative Speed (Shoulder): Measured at a density of 2.90 above gross fog.
Contrast: Measured as a slope of the line between densities of 0.60 and 2.00 above gross fog.
Gross Fog: Density of film base plus processing fog.
Upper Density Point (UDP): Maximum density of film using sensitometric exposure.

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