Carestream EC Film 11x14in (not interleaved)

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Carestream EC Film 11x14in (not interleaved)

Radiation Therapy


The CARESTREAM EC-L film system is comprised of Carestream EC film in either a Carestream EC-L oncology cassette or a Carestream EC-L fast cassette. Achieve a new standard in portal image quality with the Carestream EC-L film system. With a more than three times improvement in contrast over conventional systems, Carestream EC film provides exceptional definition of bony structures for more confident verification of treatment fields.

Carestream EC Film is a high-contrast film that is coated on both sides with a very fine grain emulsion having low image noise. It is intended for radiation therapy beam localization and verification procedures. This film is designed to be used with Carestream EC-L and EC-V Lightweight Cassettes which “sandwich” the film between a copper front screen, and front and back fluorescent intensifying screens (gadolinium oxysulfide). Carestream EC Film provides images with significantly higher contrast than previously available—approximately four times that of current systems. As a result, the images show clearer definition of body structures, thus providing more anatomical detail and making the images much easier to interpret.

Use a Carestream GBX-2 Safelight Filter with a frosted 15-watt bulb located at least 1.2 m (4 feet) from the film.

Storage and Handling

Hands must be clean, dry and free of lotions, etc. Film should be handled carefully by the edges to avoid physical strains such as pressure, creasing, or buckling.

Store unexposed film at 50 to 75°F (10 to 24°C), at 30 to 50 percent RH, and properly shielded from x-rays, gamma rays, or other penetrating radiation. Keep exposed film in a cool, dry place that is properly shielded from penetrating radiation. Process as soon as possible after exposure. Processed film should be stored at 60 to 80°F (16 to 27°C), at 30 to 50 percent RH.


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