Toshiba Aplio 500 Multipurpose ultrasound

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Toshiba Aplio 500 Multipurpose ultrasound

Aplio has evolved through technological development and expansion of clinical applications. Now it has a revolutionary new platform.

It now features Fly Thru, providing an internal view for visualizing luminal walls, and Smart Fusion, for displaying a CT image and ultrasound image in synchronization. Aplio is reborn for a new future.

Advanced image quality made possible by High Density Beamforming, a new image engine

- High-speed, extremely flexible beamforming provides images with superior resolution at higher frame rates.
- Tissue Specific Optimization corrects for differences in the acoustic characteristics of tissues in the human body to improve lateral resolution.

 Advanced ergonomics concept iStyle™+

- Parameter sets optimized for the patient's body size and examination objective can be selected with a single keystroke.
- The switches on the operating panel and touchscreen can be customized.

Advanced real-time applications

- Elastography provides images showing the elasticity of tissues in real time.
- Smart Fusion displays volume data acquired by another modality in synchronization with the ultrasound image.
- 2D Wall Motion Tracking enables cardiac wall motion analysis.

A wide variety of 3D/4D applications supported by the High-Density Rendering Engine

- High-resolution 3D/4D images can be acquired.
- Fly Thru shows the luminal walls.

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