Toshiba Xario 200 Multipurpose ultrasound

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Brand: Toshiba
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Toshiba Xario 200 Multipurpose ultrasound

Xario 200, which offers high image quality and excellent performance in a sophisticated and compact system, has been introduced in the market. Xario200 supports accurate diagnosis due to its outstanding mobility, its excellent image quality for visualizing small lesions, and its user-friendly design.

Smart routine examinations
- With advanced technologies inherited from the Aplio series, Xario200 offers the highest image quality in its class.
- A new series of transducers is optimized for routine examinations.
- The advanced iStyle concept ensures efficient examinations.
- Xario200 can also be used comfortably in operating rooms, emergency departments, interventional suites, and angiography rooms.

Light-weight and compact design
- Xario200 can be used not only in an examination room, but also in outpatient consultation rooms, hospital wards, and many other locations.
- This compact system is suitable for clinics that previously could not own a diagnostic ultrasound system due to limited space.
- Robust construction ensures a long service life.

Intuitive operation
- The operating panel and touch screen can be customized by the user.
- QuickScan allows optimal gain setting.
- QuickStart eliminates the need for complicated adjustment of image quality parameters.
- Easy transducer selection and quick transducer switching promote efficient examinations.

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